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Air Conditioning

Installation of new cooling systems including those using new R410A refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly.  Service and repairs to central air units and heat pumps.

Key Benefits

- Lennox manufactures the quietest central air conditioner in the industry.
- Montgomery's promotes the use of R410A refrigerant as it contains no CFC's and the older R22 refrigerant will become obsolete as of 2010.
- Units and ductwork are properly sized to your home using heat loss/gain programs, thus resulting in proper cooling of your home.


Install and service Lennox products  

New installations entail a heat gain/loss calculation to size new air conditioning units properly to your home.  Existing ductwork will be altered if necessary to allow the new system the air it needs to function properly.  Lennox parts are in most cases, easily accessible to Montgomery's ensuring prompt repair time.

Service all makes of air conditioning equipment
This includes repairs, reclaiming of refrigerant as well as recharging units that are low on refrigerant.
Extended Warranty Programs

Montgomery's offers an extended warranty program through Integrated Warranty Systems Inc.  This extended warranty is available in 5 & 10 year plans for new equipment and as an annual plan for used equipment.  This air conditioner warranty coverage would include: capacitor, control box assembly, control box, contactor, filter drier, fan motor, coil, wire harness and valves at a yearly fee.

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